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Champions League Final Hero Thibaut Courtois RespondTo Mark

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produced arguably one of the best personal performances in any final\u003c/a

, certainly in a Champions League final, in some time.\u003c/p


His saves thwarted Liverpool whilst Vinicius Juniors strike ended up being the difference between the two sides, as \u003ca href=\ rel=\noopener\ target=\_blank\

Real Madrid \u003c/a

picked up the trophy for the 14th time in their history.\u003c/p


However, a week is a long time in football and Courtois has gone from that performance to getting involved with in an online debate with a YouTuber, weve all been there.\u003c/p


Manchester United fan Mark Goldbridge, famed for his rants and reactions, posted about David de Gea, in the wake of Spain boss\u003ca href=\ rel=\noopener\ target=\_blank\

Luis Enriques brutal assessment of the United number one.\u003c/a



Goldbridge wasnt happy with what the former Barcelona boss had said, pointing out that Courtois, for all his brilliance, isnt necessarily the best off his line, or with his feet, as say Ederson and Alisson are.\u003c/p

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All these Enrique quotes about De Gea...Dave just won players player of the year. Courtois won man of the match in a UCL final and isnt quick off his line or good with his feet. A keepers first job is to save goals and we have one of the best in the businesd\u003c/p

Mark Goldbridge (@markgoldbridge) \u003ca href=\ 5, 2022\u003c/a


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If anything it seemed like Goldbridge wasnt being critical of the Belgian, but instead suggesting he was so good at his primary function it didnt really matter about the other parts of his game.\u003c/p


The 30-year-old clearly wasnt having it though, instead replying with pictures of him coming off his line to grab the ball out of the air.\u003c/p

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